Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No way I am living with a typical Kuwaiti guy

Finally , my leave was approved , so now I am getting ready , it will start next month , but preparing for it will start now , enshalah we will be traveling and I will revel the destination later , I don`t know what`s wrong with J these days , he keeps acting wired , we are living the life of a boyfriend/girlfriend  , but what's going on with lately is making me mad , maybe because he is getting old :P Yes I want him to read this .

No No , I am not ready for a change , but he started to act like a typical Kuwaiti which I really hate and don`t accept  , over protective & this may suffocate me


Is it me ? because of all the mess that  is happenning to me at work , I started to enjoy arguing with him ? I know I am stressed , I need to go to the spa but it is "that time of the month " can`t make it

aaaaah I miss that , posting whatever I want without the fear that anyone may judge me , old days ....

Please my J , I want you back just the way U are , I hate the new version oooof d3la version

I will be getting ready for the beach , sun , and fun ;)

New Upcoming designer Collaborations U don`t want to miss

Many high-end designers are collaborating now a days with high-street fashion brand , I know that some people are against that movement , but I know that what makes a woman stylish & beautiful not the brand , but her taste of style . 

So here are some of the upcoming collaborations that u don`t want to miss : 

Kate Moss For Topshop

Launch Date: April 30th, 2014 at Topshop, Nordstrom and 

Roland Mouret for Banana Republic

Launch Date: August 2014 at Banana Republic.

Alexander Wang for H&M

Launch Date: November 6th, 2014 at H&M. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

A Life After Marriage : ندري دعله .... بس تستاهل

امس كنت بايكيا ، لما وصلت صوب اغراض المطابخ صار جدامي موقف ، قعدت شوي افكر فيه ، الزوجة قالت حق زوجها : وااااااي متى يصير عندي مطبخ و ارتاح 

چان يرد عليها : عندج مطبخ امي 

ردت : اقولك ابي يصير عندي مطبخ بروحي ، مابي مطبخ أمك ؟؟؟ 

وبس صرت بعيدة عليهم 

منو الصح و منو الغلط ؟؟؟ 

راح اقول وجهة نظري و انتوا عطوني رايكم 

كعادتنا احنا البنات نحن نبي نطلع ، و اذا ما طلع معانا نعصب و انت ما تطلع و انت ما تبيني و انا تستحي تطلع معاي . انزين بس اذا طلع !!!!!! ليش تصيرين دعلة و تضايقينه ؟؟ و تقطين كلام ماله داعي الحين ؟؟ 

ترى مو قاعدة انتقد البنية لان انا مرات اسو جذي 

و رد زوجها الصراحة يحر !!!!! شنو عندج مطبخ امي ؟ البنية ما فتحت الموضوع عشان تقولها هالكلام ؟؟؟؟ اكثر شي يضايق الوحدة لما تقوله مثلا ابي هالشغلة الفلانية يرد يقول اييب لج اللي عند امي !!! او مثل الاخ عندج مطبخ امي !!! 

انا ما طلبت الشي الا ابيه حقي ! 

شنو اللي خلاها تتكلم ؟؟ و يكون هالشي بخاطرها ؟ 

أغلبنا يطلبون منا اهلنا انه ما نطلب شي وقت الزواج و خصوصا اذا بنسكن عند اهل الزوج 

عندهم فكره انه عيب و ماله داعي ، مع اني شخصيا اعتقد انه غلط لانه راح تظل الوحده تتحسف و تقول ليش ما سويت هالشي ، و ليش ما حطيت هالاثاث و ليش وليش 

انا حسيت فيها لما حماي تزوج انه مشالله زوجته طلبت وايد تغيرات و هالشي من حقها طبعا ، عشان جذي من البداية خل تطلب اللي تبيه و يريحيها وتكون واضحه 

أكون صريحة معاكم ، طالما البنت بخاطرها هالشي حاول انك تسويه اذا تقدر و اذا ما تقدر اشرح لها ظروفك راح تتفهم و يمكن تساعدك بعد لان والله ما راح تسكت عنك انا ادري ههههه 

و بالاخير ، هالاشياء كلها تروح و ما يبقى الا انتوا الاثنين فلا تخربون لحظات حلوة تقضونها مع بعض 

تذكروا انتوا مو عايشين مع بعض الا لأنكم تحبون بعض

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rami Kadi رامي القاضي At Fashion Foreword season 3

Rami Kadi proudly presents his latest collection “Le Royaume Enchanté” for Autumn Winter 2014 at the third season of Fashion Forward.  

U Hurt Me

Nothing can hurt a woman more than hiding your real feelings , yes j u hurt me , I've been acting normal but it hurts 

There is that thing that we use to do together , I don't want to go in details but he was enjoying my company & I thought that I can make him happy but today he told me the truth !!!! 

I thought ? Why ? Why now ? Is he faking his real opinion regarding that issue ? It hurts , nothing more to say 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

I will miss mom

Relaxing , didn't move out of bed , hubby next to me , that's Happiness :) 

I love that type of weekends sometimes 
Specially after along busy week . 

Mom will travel tonight enshalah , she is going to the state & will stay there for 2 month with my sister , I know I am going to miss her so bad , but I don't know how to express my feelings :( 

I have that problem, that I don't show what I feel , I act as if everything will be ok 

I will miss her so bad :( 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I miss my blog , but negativity is all around me specially at work I don't spread that , Soon a huge change will happen , Enshalah ,

soon enshalah , I am taking a vacation .

:( really not the mood