Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Long Time

Oh God, it`s been a while, I forget how to start to write .\

So, what about me, my life, my dreams and me as a mom?

Things start to get better after Riri`s first birthday, we are having an amazing relationship & I started to accept myself as a mother.

She is an adorable girl & I am falling in Love with her more and more every day.

but, yes still there is a but, I choose my blog to post about this

Am I happy ??

I don`t know

I miss so many things that make me happy

I am missing myself,

I love my baby sooooooo much

can u sense it?  I am not mentioning J At all

this makes me upset

still depressed, kind of, I feel much better but I am still sneaking out of bed at night, going to the other room and cry.

not on a daily bases but it happens.

one more thing is upsetting me, that after all these years I am shocked by some friends attitude, so I've been with the wrong people all that time.

ill stop here