Monday, February 05, 2018

The Missing Piece

mind my English , I didn't post in a very long time

So , I was thinking of posting my previous post " again" in English , but I don't think that I have the energy to recall  the feelings allover again , my post was about my journey during my pregnancy & my postpartum depression .

I know that I am a strong woman , to reach this point of the recovery processes all by my self , but I guess it is the time to close this phase and get to an end  , by getting a professional consultation , So enshalah , I am going to a therapist soon .

My no 1 supporter is Jasem , I can never thank him enough of what he did to help me get back on track . There are still some issues that need to be fixed , I am still suffering from what happened during labour , I still sense the fear , the pain  & the last few moments before the stroke .

That`s why I hate it when everyone keeps telling me to  have another baby & specially my friends !!! I got really mad when they  talk  about this issue as if it is something normal , no way I am going back , I had a bad experience & I am still suffering    .

I love Riri , she is stealing my heart & I want to her only her in my life , no more .

I feel there is something missing  , I know that I am back , going out everyday & hanging with friends daily , but I am sure there is a missing piece . I feel it , I want to look for it . I am thinking of getting back to work as soon as possible

Keep me in your prayers , enshalah I am things will be fixed soon