Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Happier Couple !!

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Hello my readers, my loyal readers who are still reading my blog, I LoVe YOU :)

February, is the month of Love, according to the media & hallmark cards :P but why not, let us enjoy it as long as it strengths any relationship.

So, How to be a happier couple?

I read so many articles & experienced many situations.

Here are some of the things may help to reach happiness in any relationship:

Be Adventures:

Remember that "butterflies feeling", that fade away a long time ago? New experiences can inject new energy by trying new things with your partner. Think about new dates idea, Go on a date, dress up to impress each other, try new places & do something out of the box

Communication: Talk & keep talking about things other than Money or Work:  

This is what I keep telling J all the time, I am happy with you because we "talk", I am his friend, he can talk to me about whatever he wants & I can discuss everything that does not concern my job or any practical life`s issue

Make up More 

Fight, then make up after five minutes, never ever take your arguments to the next day.

Laugh A Lot 

Laugh together, Stay Together

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