Monday, November 07, 2016

Burning Society , The Dressmaker

Today , I`ve been wondering through my previous posts , I can not believe how naive I was , amazing  , I loved every post , every word , not ashamed & never regret any feeling I shared with my readers

My posts were unique & real , so spontaneous . I have so many mistakes , I have been posting about stuff , that I will never share with anyone now .

So , amazing , loving every part

sorry guys but I am overwhelmed  . The only thing that makes me upset , I realized that I grow up , a lot , my mentality , the way I think are totally different .

I realized too that , I am grateful for every memory , incident & situation I've been through , I loved my life after marriage & I still do .

I can`t explain the sensations I felt while reading mt memories , This is the main reason why I used to post about my life , So as I did today after all these years , going through my life again .

Oh please God , I wish I could keep posting too often again .

I am blaming myself , that I cared a lot about the society , about useless people judging me making me too careful before I post a word , why should I care ???

Yesterday I`ve been watching Kate Winslet movie  The Dressmaker  , a movie that will make you think about burning your sick society  , you have to watch it , I don`t want to ruin it for you guys .

Anyway , I am already burning my society , but I guess I should wake up & get back to my blog .

I love you , my Blog & J too ;P

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