Wednesday, August 03, 2016

How to keep it High in your marriage ?? The Level of Love

لست متخصصة و لا احمل شهادات بالعلاقت الزوجية  ، كلامي عبارة عن تجربتي الخاصة 
I am not an expert , I am talking accordding to my own experince 

Life is full of Ups and downs , relationships are the same , but in marriage , the level of Love in every healthy relationship must rise above the average with years . 

I always try to avoid wives who keep telling everyone that marriage is all about getting used to you life & everything related to that pinkish , full of roses life is not true . 

SO , according to my simple experience , I will share with you one of my secrets . 

To be happy , to live your love story continuously , just 


Share your heart , love , food , hobbies 

do crazy tings togeather , share happiness & never be selfish , of course, I am talking to both couples , I never believe in the idea that the woman should take over all the stress . 

The most important thing is to enjoy your time togeather 

try some activities & support each other 

this how life goes on 

it is all about sharing 


Share your Life & you`ll be happy & live a true love story 

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