Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hello guys & girls

I am falling in love with the weather today , Yes it is cloudy but it`s my type of cloudy weather .

White clouds everywhere , music in the video & a coffee  . This is happiness for me

So , J is in Mongolia , I am happy for him but also I am sad that I couldn`t make it , more than one issue stopped me from going with him .

I am traveling with mom soon , so I can`t take a leave from work .

this is one reason .

I can`t believe that we are going to spend our wedding anniversary apart  & it`s going to be the 10th

I have plans in my mind but nothing is going to work

My J kept telling me that we don`t need a special day to tell how much we love each other

typical kuwaiti

Love u J & I miss you so much

Have a nice weekend everyone

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