Monday, June 06, 2016

The Enchanted Valley , Oman

Sorry for the delay for not posting about this adventure , as soon as I arrived in Kuwait because I left again to Rak . Yes it was a well spend summer vacation among the GCC countries ;)

I was not planning to register  for  any adventure until September , but I couldn`t the resist the Images sent to us by one of the Husaak Guides

This adventure called "Waterfall 2 " or as I named it  " The Enchanted Valley " .

One of the best & amazing adventures with Husaak that I will keep going back again , magical , easy & comfortable  . The scenery was beyond my imagination that I started to wonder , What heaven looks like ?

I called it enchanted , because, for a moment there , I thought that I am going to spot a fairy or a unicorn , my words will never explain the real emotions or feelings during the adventure , it is hard for me to transfer the experience to you in a post .

The adventure has 2 parts , The magical valley , most of the hike was in the water which is my favorite hike and  The second part is on beach , where you can watch and swim with the turtles

for more details , just follow @Husaak

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