Sunday, January 10, 2016

Can I post about this now ?

It is the 10th of January and I didn`t post a new year`s post !!! I remember the days when blogging was on the first place in social medial , The New year`s posts should be prepared days before the new years eve .

Anyway Happy new year everyone :)

I am really proud of my self & of the changes happening in my life , getting into sport & reaching my target soon enshalah 

So , I hope this year will be the year of good health & happiness .

Enshala we are planning more of the hiking & exploring trips , you can check my posts here : 

This new year , J was on Oman , hiking , it was my Idea to celebrate new year there , but I couldn't make , to my surprise , he decided to go without me :/ 

Glad he enjoyed his time  :P ( yes i am still mad ) 

So , I have to go 

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