Monday, November 30, 2015

From Newq8bride`s Book of Love

و سأبقى احكي للعالم اجمع عن حب قد وهبه لي الله  لكي يستطيع من لا يعرف الحب 

أن يحب 

Source : Tumblr 
Yes , we are busy all day , we both have our own lives , but to know that you are not in the country makes me feel lost , at the beginning of our marriage , I was accepting that , yes I was missing you but it was alright to spend few days without you . With years passing by , My love to you can not be explained 

I am thanking God that we are not like "Them" 

With time , we are more in love than we used before , I know & I am sure that I am with the right man , I am not regretting a moment with you  . No one can replace what we have & No one will understand ,  Our love has grown so much that I can`t be more happier . 

Waiting for you to come back , safely 

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