Sunday, September 20, 2015

I want to be Famous Mama

My cousin told her mom, first day of school , that there were some students who are famous Instagram "Fashionistas " with her ,  everyone was making a huge fuss & asking them for photos , She was really impressed & excited while talking about that subject , by the way she is only 10.

Another friend was telling me about her 8- year -old daughter`s life goal: 

"I want to be Famous Mama” 

"Famous doing what?” 

"To look hot & post my everyday look on Instagram” 

I am not a mother yet, but If I had a child, I would be concerned about what`s going on in social media. I know that it is normal to get influenced by celebs and I am fine with it, I`ve been in the same situation when I was a teenager, from magazines & TV shows, but what is happening now is completely different .The "Social Media " celebrities are ordinary people, living with us & part of our society, attending schools with us, cousins & friends. 

Not only the children are excited about that magical life of fame, but also teenagers & college girls, reading their desperate comments asking one of the "Celeb, fashionista ..." or whatever they are calling themselves now , about how she is taking care of her weight , how she can get that perfect body , even though she is not exercising or following a diet ?? I will respect her more if she tell the truth about all the surgeries done to her or being done, but what she is telling them

                                            “Sakray 7aljich “

                 Meaning: literally Close your mouth & stop eating!!

Unrealistic and unhealthy portrayals can lead girls to feel insecure, stressed & confused. This girl will do what the fashionista told her & she will not achieve the results of course & imagine her feelings, there are more & more examples of how some of the Social media celebs are applying bad influence.

I have nothing against them, there are many great role models that I am so proud of them.

All what I am wishing & looking for is incredibility, this is a worldwide issue, parents are facing huge obstacles & challenges.

Be real & spread a positive massage if you want to be a good role model .

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رورو الشخبوطه said...

حلاته الواحد اذا بيصير مشهور بهالمجال يكون عنده شي متميز فيه موهبه شي يسوى يراويه الناس ..
طبخ _ رسم _تصوير_تصميم ..الخ مو مجرد شوو لو انا ام وقالت لي بنتي ابي اصير مشهوره بقوله راويني يشنو وانا بدعمج واقزرها عليها تطبخ العشا والغدا لا اتغشمر بس بشوف شنو موهبتها وبنميها هالشي من صغرها مو علشان بتصير مشهوره علشان ماتم فاضيه وعندها شي يلهيها ويشغل فراغها ويفيدها..