Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Good  Morning 

I am missing mom & sis already , they left to the state 3 days ago , I couldn`t join them because I am having some issues with work & other stuff . My sis is going to give birth there :(   I never been in such an experience before . 

Enshalah everything will be safe & easy for her . 

What about me ??? 

So happy thanks God with the results that I am achieving from the gym , moreover my hormones after the miscarriage are settling down  , So I feel normal , relaxed & calm again Alhamdullah 

It`s not easy , but at the end I will reach my goals Enshalah 

My Snap Chat is public now , I am really confused how to use it   in a useful way , Last night , I talked about my blogging experience , to let people know about me & my blog 

Talking about my blog to others makes me love it more . 

I have to go now ;) work is calling   

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