Sunday, September 13, 2015

Complete Silence

Not in a good mood , I hate starting my posts with negative vibes , but really I am not in a good mood.

J is killing me & I decided not to  talk to him , it is not a big deal , but he is  really annoying for the last few days , as you all know communication is a very important aspect in my marriage .

I am not selfish , but J is addicted to a new PC game & I am really annoyed ,I know that I am busy with all the social media tools , but not like him , he is not talking , or listening to me :(

So I decided not to speak to him , I am in a complete silent , He noticed that & texted me today .

I know that I will explode sooner or later  ..........

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Noura said...

Dont be sweety, I'm giving my husband the silent treatment as well. Unlike you, We had an argument last Thursday which kind of exploded out of proportion and eventually he hanged up on me ( utterly rude), now am waiting for him to apologies which I think may not happen because I know my hubby, none the less, I hope that we reconcile now than later and enjoy our times together, because I love him