Monday, August 03, 2015

Quitting Blogging

Quitting blogging is the issue that I`ve been thinking of for a while  , not only me , I came through many bloggers all around the world thinking about the same thing because of various  reasons , mostly that people stopped reading blogs , although I still do . 

The Good thing is , I blog for me , for fun & to share my life & as a dairy  , So I am not worried that much , looking around me & knowing that , in Kuwait people will never pay attention the quality of what you are presenting , people are looking for visuals , not something to read & learn from .

 Can you believe that many of the girls who are presenting  "Fashion " for example , never ever read any book about Fashion history  ?? some of them never heard about the importance of the "September " issue ? 

This is just an example of what`s going on in Kuwait . I Love my blog , that`s why I am still blogging . but I will never deny that I sometimes feel like quitting . 

Writing makes me happy , this is a reason why I am still here  , I have so many ideas but I am not active like old times , I used to post whatever comes to my mind . 

I am thinking & I can`t stop thinking , what`s next ???? 

I know that there are many readers read my " Travelling posts " only , but what if I am not travelling or maybe I will not travel for a long time ?? 

What is next ? 

I`ve been watching an Egyptian series called "Tareeqe " which means " My Path" it talks about the story of young girl`s journey achieving her dream  "To be a Famous Singer " 

Amazing story touches my soul , makes me think , what is really my Dream 

I will post about this issue in another post 


Sashdesigns said...

I have been there, and I know what you mean by quality, yes I might not be the best out there but as you explained it, i know how important the september issue was lol.
i blog for me also, to make me feel better about myself and deliver a message that a lot of people has lost, keep on going!

Anonymous said...

تحبين الكتابة و انا احب القراءة، كنت و لازلت و راح اضل اقرأ لك، بالعكس كونهم توقفوا عن التدوين هذا يجعل ماتفعلينه شيء نادر

Anonymous said...

laa please I like your Blog