Sunday, August 09, 2015

MASAHA 13 مساحة 13 - مكان للراحة و الإبداع

My first visit to MASAHA 13  was last week to meet a friend , I heard about the place a lot & it was more then I expected , a new concept to me & I loved the atmosphere & to my surprise , it was crowded mashalah , the drinks were fine but , the place was amazing . I went there again in the afternoon but it was kind of Hot , I don`t blame them because I know how the ACs work in the extreme hot weather in Kuwait , I hope they will solve the problem 

سمعت وايد عنه و صدف انه تواعدنا مع اصدقائنا هناك ، و رحنا لأول مرة ، المكان وايد وايد عجبني الفكرة حلوة نفس الكافيهات اللي نشوفهم بالدول الأوربية ،  مكان حلو 
حق القعده و اذا تبون تقرون كتاب او تتيمعون مع ربعكم 

و فيه قاعة ممكن تأجرونها لأي ايفنت عندكم 

رحنا له مره ثانية بس العصر و الوضع اينن بس كان شوي حر  
و ما الومهم لأن مع جو الكويت التكييف مو قاعد يلحق 

اعتقد بالشتا راح يكون وايد احلى 

مكانه في الشارع اللي لازق بشويخ ماركت 

و هذي بعض المعلومات من السايت 
Here is some info from their website 

ADDRESS: Warehouse No.13, Waves Warehouses, 5th Street, Industrial Shuwaikh, Kuwait
THE CONCEPT: Co-work Space + Library +  Coffee Shop + Concept Store + Events & Rental Space 
Housed in a renovated warehouse space, MASAHA13 offers a fresh, inspiring co-work space, and is Kuwait's hottest new event rental space. We've got a beautiful bike for our co-workers to borrow, just what you need when you want to take a break from all that work! Or maybe just to burn a few extra calories before you take your next cup of our ever-so-famous Salted Hot Cocoa. A a fully-equipped cafe, an arts/design and entrepreneurship resource library and lounge, a beautiful exhibit space that can be booked for meetings, presentations, private events, and launches. With gorgeous exposed high ceilings, brick walls, and locally made decor using reclaimed wood and other one-of-a-kind details, the environment can't be beat. "

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