Tuesday, July 21, 2015

After Eid ,we are back

Here I am back to work & real life after a very long vacation , spend well , eating & sleeping . It wasn`t progressive at all .

Now emshalah everything will be organized again , Enshalah I am going back to the gym , I missed my daily routine , I can`t believe how attached I became to exercising , I feel that my body needs to be active again .

So enshalah I am back & I will keep posting more , I am so happy that the views for one of my posts reached 900 view , which is really impressive , People stopped reading the blogs & enshlah one day the blogs in kuwait will be back

Yes the post is a very personal post  , that one that I talked in it about my pregnancy , that`s why , people want to read more about personal life so , enshalah I will be back

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