Monday, June 08, 2015


Sometimes , strength can be  a weakness , I am strong & I can hide my feelings and whatever is going on in my life , but it is killing , making me tired  & exhausted , this is hard , I can not tell any one because everybody will think that I am over reacting , I am scared , I need a break from everything and i really want to know what will going to happen , my latest posts are so depressing I know , I am lost and confused , the waiting is sucks :( I feel that my life stopped & I have to wait to know what will going to happen .

I want to travel , I need to relax that`s all

I love this 


Anonymous said...

انتي انسانه بالاول والاخير
الانسان عبارة عن كتلة مشاعر
بالغي وكبري المواضيع عادي من حقج
كل انسان لازم يمر بمراحل دراميه في حياته
صرخي ابجي تكلمي مع اقرب القراب
ياما سمعنا لهم وتحملنا
اذا الكلام يريح تكلمي
الانتظار في جميع امور الحياة ممل ومتعب ولكن ما باليد حيلة

Anonymous said...

Stay patient. 🌺

Unknown said...

سلامت قلبج:*