Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The real Life

The Story of my life , my body

Finally I started to have a peaceful relationship with my body , Still I didn`t reach my goals , but I love it . 

joining the boot-camp in the gym changed my mentality regarding workout & dieting , I discovered that my body is stronger than I thought , capable of doing things I never Imagined myself doing. 

I started to changed my eating habits , I stopped eating fast food long time ago , no cola or Pepsi & more balanced meals 

enshalah I will do it & I will reach my goals Enshalah 

J is happy & excited ,we speak  the same language now :) 

Moreover , going to the gym makes me feel free & open to the world & reduced my stress , that there is a life out of the social media world & yes some people don`t care about Instagram or famous social media figures . 

There is a real life out there 

and I miss it , I should escape from that bubble

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