Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oh my God , I can`t believe that it is still 10:30 , I am done from all the tasks waiting for me ,

so , there is nothing to do now . So the expos are starting , to get ready for Ramadhan . I am not going to get anything now , I will wait , Enshalah with the gym , my body shape will change . Moreover , I have an upcoming wedding on June so , I guess I will spend money on a dress .

Ramdhan Kaftans can wait , moreover , it is a summer so any simple dress will be perfect

I have many beauty to do`s in my list

I am not sure when I am going to start .

oh , less than 2 weeks & the big day is coming , My birthday :) I don`t want to think about my age really I may got desperate :/

guys , can you suggest some blogs to me ?? real blogs please

that`s it , I should go now

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