Sunday, January 18, 2015

He is upset , how to comfort him


Hello Sunday ,

J is upset , things were not going well for him , I know they are simple issues but he feels so annoyed , he was planning to travel with his friends but , they canceled & I know that he was stressed thinking about  our house "plan" & I know that he needs a break . He doesn`t want to travel with me , he needs his "guys" only time . The problem is that I want to do anything to ease his tension .

Trust me the task of cheering my man up has proven to be very difficult .With girls asking :

Are you ok ?

how can I help ?

I am here for you

do you want to talk

will be enough to let everything goes , also ,  personally going to a spa will help me a lot

but with men , I guess it is a different issue , approaching him with that kind of questions will never be a good idea

 every man is different  , some men will need space , break  , a time to be alone

With J I am not sure , sometimes he tells me that he wants me to be there with him , doing nothing , that`s it , my presence is important even If i am not giving him any solution .

I give him a kiss , sit next to him in , hug him , without saying a word .

he calls me when he is out , to just talk and let go & I listen

He is moody now a days

but there is nothing I can do .

so ............... I will let you know if we are done from this issue

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