Thursday, November 13, 2014

The "Mood" for looking beautiful

I know that  something is going wrong , I need that makeover as soon as possible . My problem is " I hate going to hair salons" , yes I guess I am the only one , I hate getting my hair done but I love it when it's done. so trying the " Amazon"  hair treatment saved my time & energy because I don`t have to blow dry my hair or do treatments regularly . 

but my problem now is " I don`t want" to go to the Salon ,  to do the treatment or dying my hair  which I have to , I know at the end I will feel relaxed and admiring the way I look .

I need to be in a good mood , to stay hours there sitting in the chair  , so I don`t know when I am going to have that "Mood" 

any one is facing the same issue ? or is it  just me ?

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