Sunday, November 30, 2014

That is why I will Never Give Up

I will never give up blogging , do you know why ?? not because I want to be famous , not because I want to gain cash , It is all about my passion to write , to share my thoughts and experiences ,   knowing "Myself" more .

Reading my older posts makes me realize how my mentality changes all these years , also brings back old memories , feelings & scents .

Yes , I love reading my posts , yet I skip some of them , those "bad Time " posts .

Over all , I am so grateful that I decided to start blogging in the beginning of my new life " Life after Marriage "

I have memories  , experiences and  feelings documented , to be read over & over again .

To renew my love & to remember why I am in Love with this amazing man , My J .

He is there , in every word , between the lines & in every post.

Yarab , Please God , I am asking you to keep this love forever & ever .


Maha AlSaleh said...

الله يزيد الحب بينكم ويألِّف مابين قلوبكم دايما وأبدا بالخير ❤️
سعيدة بإني أعرف قدوة ناجحة في زواجها مثلج.. الله يديم السعادة والهنا بينكم يارب مثل ما تسعدونا بحبكم ��

Maha AlSaleh said...
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