Monday, November 17, 2014


this post was supposed to be published yesterday :

I`ve been busy all day , which is something I like , I am so happy with my new job , Thanks God , much better than previous “sick” workplace .

This post is about my weekend, the ideal weekend, I canceled all my appointments, events, gatherings & just stay home with J .

It was amazing, we were both relaxed, together, We don`t do that all the time that`s why it was exceptional

We had breakfast then went back home relaxed in bed , watched TV , sleep , no responsibility at all

Do you know what ???

I thank God every day for my life , some people still wonder , when I say that I feel that I am blessed & my life is complete ,   how can I have those feelings while I am childless .

Heheh I don`t know how to explain it , we are still in a society that never accept new ideas , especially when I say that children are not my first priority  , I understand when old women will never get it , but I hate it when younger girls start a debate with me .

I am happy and blessed , all of us should be , God knows the best for all of us

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Anonymous said...

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