Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Be You , To be A Blogger

This is the basic advice most of the best "bloggers" in the world give  about blogging . Bloggers in Kuwait have this factor , I mean "Bloggers" with a real "Blog " . not the Instagram celebs , as they call themselves now .

I still read blogs & thanks God there are still bloggers out there in Kuwait , Yes there are many blogs  about the same thing or theme , but to be original what makes your blog different , your prospective , creativity and to be honest .

Your blog needs to be real , if you want people to read it , even though , we lost track of readers in Kuwait .

I have to mention that I am just expressing my opinion in my blog , really I am not in the mood for attackers to tell me why I am giving blogging advices .

In Instagram , it is a different situation , some of the instagramers doesn't  remember  who she is !! She doesn't know how to live a normal life & I feel sorry for her .

I blog , because I want to share my simple experience , to find my voice in this big world  , my blog is my happiness .

To everyone , in the social media storm in Kuwait "Live your Life" , you are instagraming , blogging and tweeting about your life or at least an aspect in your life , so you still need to live your life . there many things we always put before our social media life , family , health , relationships & Real Life

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Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog as a silent reader ever since 2007, but with all honesty you're an actual blogger unlike the Instagram celebs. Its a blog like yours that should be addressed as a blog the rest want quick fame & money out of it. A blogger should have a reason, something he/she wants to tell the world. Not just flash what they have! Hmph! Sorry! but i had to say it!