Sunday, September 28, 2014

Singles Guys , Stay away from your Married Friends "Lives"

When I  was staying at my parents during the recovery period post the surgery , J was visiting me daily , It was a new experience , we were just laying there in bed , holding hand , I can`t even smell him , because literally I cant smell . 

Anyway , it was kind of a romantic situation , one Day , J received a call from one of his friends , you know how the Iphone is so load that you can listen to the entire conversation , that guy was talking to j and telling him yeh I am out & I have a company blah blah blah then suddenly , I heard a girl`s voice shouting : Hiiiiiii or whatever !!!!!!!!! 

J remained silent Then the guy got it, that I was  there , j ended the call . 

I trust my J , but I got mad , I cried and I hated him for a moment ,  wondered why he did that ( I  mean his friend ) let`s Call him Stupid A 

Stupid A text-ed J apologizing . 

I asked J , If i was not there , will he end the call ?? or he will   talk to that girl ??? why stupid A did that ?? he knows that you are married , happily married ?? why single guys will try their best to ruin their friends happy relationships ??  

Yes I trust J & I am not that type of a woman , the one who locks the doors & never give a space to her man . 

I am not mad at J , I am mad at his friend ,

  no & him too , the problem is that married guys should set rules , asking their friends to stay away , but they will not , I know that . 

Stupid A 

you are Stupid 

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Anonymous said...

It's ok 7beebti, we cannot control all men.. Don't get angry at J, remember you are his wife not the girl shouting n the phone .. Go hug him, make him feel you are here .. Be his friend and his love at the same time .. W Allah yahneeekom