Sunday, July 20, 2014

I am Back

Good morning ,

I am back to work , after a long break , I guess I am having a post vacation blues and yes , it is a real thing \.

Getting back into the routine can seem the toughest thing in the world , thanks God , next week is Eid so this week will not be too hard to cope with  .

I guess I should do something interesting on day 1 , after Eid, Enshalah ,  for example to meet my friends early in the morning in Starbucks before heading to work . I don't do that regularly , so it will be special & will help me to get back and adjust with the system again .

But let me tell you something , I am really not in the mood to socialize with anyone yet , so I arrived early today , entered my office & I am just setting here not willing to talk to any one

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