Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Here I am ,  just started my vacation , packing & getting ready , maybe I`ve been talking a lot about it  but it`s been one year , without a break , which is something I will never ever do again .

Still I didn`t revel the destination , only to few people , so stay tuned , I hope , Enshalah  , this trip will be as perfect as I expect , so I can post about it as a couples destination .

I will post in instagram enshalah & the details will be in the blog .

I need to relax


I was going to say hi to her , but she wasn't looking at me although she greeted J !!!!

There is  nothing more to say , but I wish she could understand that she is invisible to me & whatever she did , she will remain invisible


Talking about you , makes me realize how blessed I am , Nothing can explain my feelings , nothing

Love you

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