Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Fashion for a good cause"

I noticed that my latest post was on the 5th!! No, I can`t be that lazy to do what I really love!

So, no more ranting posts about work, I applied in many colleges so I have to wait and see .

I guess All of you noticed that there are many Ramdhan events & activities are going on these days, getting ready to welcome the holy month, I buy any Ramdhan dresses yet, I will wait till I come back enshalah from my vacation.

Last night, I attended @Code965 Fashion Charity event"Fashion for a good cause"   . The guest of honor  Ameera Altaweel  -Chairwoman and Cofounder, Tasamy Initiatives Youth Volunteering Center.

I had the chance to take a  photo with her 

, girls were acting crazy :P and it was really crowded  , anyway u can pass by and shop for a good cause  .

Trunk Show Schedule:
(open to the public)

11th of May Wadha Aljeri & Manair AlQattan - Wamu Designs 

12th of May Reem AlMusallam 

13th of May LAB 8 

14th of May Reem AlMudhaf & Noura Almudhaf - Dar Zary Kaftans 

15th of May Bashayer AlMutawa & Reem Almutawa - Stitch me love
------------ A long with international luxury brands: 
multi-brand fashion house - 

Jewlery - 
Furniture - 
@Mazecc by Bibi Alghanim - @Seedzq8

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