Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No way I am living with a typical Kuwaiti guy

Finally , my leave was approved , so now I am getting ready , it will start next month , but preparing for it will start now , enshalah we will be traveling and I will revel the destination later , I don`t know what`s wrong with J these days , he keeps acting wired , we are living the life of a boyfriend/girlfriend  , but what's going on with lately is making me mad , maybe because he is getting old :P Yes I want him to read this .

No No , I am not ready for a change , but he started to act like a typical Kuwaiti which I really hate and don`t accept  , over protective & this may suffocate me


Is it me ? because of all the mess that  is happenning to me at work , I started to enjoy arguing with him ? I know I am stressed , I need to go to the spa but it is "that time of the month " can`t make it

aaaaah I miss that , posting whatever I want without the fear that anyone may judge me , old days ....

Please my J , I want you back just the way U are , I hate the new version oooof d3la version

I will be getting ready for the beach , sun , and fun ;)


Anonymous said...

يا حلوووج مروة و يا حلووو سوالفج .. الله يحفظلج ج ♡ قبل فترة ضفتج بالانستقرام اعجبتني شخصيتج و حبيت جوج .. خلج جذي قوية و شجاعه و نفسج حلوه .. ما اعرف حق البلوقات بس كلمة بخاطري و بقولها ♥

dudette said...

dude , I love this post , cant live with a typical Kuwaiti either , hope you work things out

Dee said...

honey right whatever you have in mind.. don't be afraid of people judging you.. because they will do any way.. just say what you feel.. it is your blog after all.. this is why they made blogs.. just remember that you have what a lot of people wish for.. so most of judgers are jealous haters.. be your self.. don't be afraid to show it.. and know that a lot of people love you and support you no matter what.. you are human after all. you are saying things that a lot of girls wish they can say.. love you.. thank you for being you..