Monday, April 21, 2014

Moonbathing is the New Sunbathing Ladies , but where ?

Moonbathing is the New Sunbathing at Wild Wadi’s Ladies’ Night , yes it is not in Kuwait :/ 

 Enjoy the perfect start to the weekend with an exclusive female only evening at Wild Wadi Waterpark. 

Starting this month (April) and running through to September 2014, excluding Ramadan, this lively ladies’ night includes an all-female crew including a super-cool DJ, lifeguards, waitresses and security staff, to ensure the guests’ privacy.  Every detail has been accounted for to create a unique opportunity for Arab females to socialize in the company of their friends and to encourage Westerners to try an alternative ladies’ night. 

Yes , Ladies , we wanna have fun I would Love to go , sorry J I guess I go on weekends :P 

Ladies Night is AED205 for those 1.1m or more in height. Females below 1.1m only pay AED165.  
Wild Wadi’s ladies’ night is every Thursday from 8pm-12pm

حفلة و ديجي ووناسة و لابسين مايوهات و سباحة و بس بنات بروحنا !!!منو ما تبي هالشي ؟؟؟؟

وايلد وادي في دبي راح تستقبلكم من الحين و لي شهر 9 كل خميس من  الساعة 8 بالليل لي 12 

يعني الوضع مو تان ، الوضع وناسة 

يالله عاد لازم نضعف و نصير اجسام عشان نروح و لا شرايكم ؟؟ 

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