Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Do things with Love


 guess what , I skipped work yesterday because I `ve been  awake all night watching the Oscars , I am not going to post about it :P I am satisfied with my Instagram posts . It was crazy & beautiful , I love how I got excited every year . 

Nothing is more amazing than doing something with love , hmmm I have that ( Thing) I can`t revel it here , that I have been doing , at the beginning , I thought that it would add something to me , as a blogger & I was doing it with passion and love , now I don`t feel that I could make it :( 

This is my problem , I hate to be committed to one thing , once I feel that the thing I am doing is obligatory , I can't work on it . I don`t know what do,  

To be honest with you, it is a waste of time and energy & I am gaining nothing

Hmm let me see how I can manage to do it , maybe I will quit or hmmmm 

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