Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Busy Me , Busy Days & Love

Is it real ?? I can`t believe how busy I am , things are going crazy at work , that's why , attending social events in the afternoon is a must to get rid of any negativity that I am facing every morning at work .

I can`t even post about the events , I don`t have the mood to write the details and stuff like that , so any way , Yesterday I had a wonderful time at Hannayome Bridal expo at alhamra , I've been posting about in instagram & I may post it here later

I miss j so bad , Yes we spent our time together , but I really need a time with him alone , I can`t wait for my vacation , that`s why our vacations are so special because I believe that  every trip is a new beginning to a new "Love" Story ,  I keep falling in Love again & again 

 to have a quality time , just both of you is really important for any couples , I wonder how some women refused to travel without their kids !! come on dear , don`t u think about Love ? 

a woman once told me , that she doesn't  care if her husband was in love with her , or if she got married for the sake of love , the main reason for her   is to have children ,  because motherhood is very important to her  , I respect her opinion & choice , but I don`t agree on it . 

Love is a major aspect in my life , J is important to me & I love being in Love 

All what I need is a getaway , to write a new love story in a new place with the same "Hero" 

miss u my Love  

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