Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Living in A Catching Fire

"At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it".Suzanne Collins

Maybe you will think that I am a drama queen, linking the situation I am living  in a daily base to the hunger games`s movies, but this is what is going on here , I don`t mean the killing parts (although I really  want to kill someone in my mind).

What bothers me that everybody knows and admits that “There is Something Wrong is Going On “ but no one will have the courage to stand out and speak up, because when you try to explain your views , opinion or disagree on some “unrealistic “you will be attacked on a way that will turn mornings to be miserable. Can you imagine waking up every morning demotivated, unhappy and frustrated??

Can I be the one or I will be just like everyone else around me ?? Gossiping daily behind her back and afraid to take an action?  to confront her means, to live in hell  , and one of us should leave .

Still, I don`t know what to is my next step ,  but I do have the feelings of living in the hunger Games , we smile but we know deep inside that a “Fire” is catching ,,,,,, soon

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Anonymous said...

الله يعينج صراحه .. الدوام نعمه بس في أشخاص فيه يخربون من حلاوه الدوام ويخلونا محبطين .. عانيت وايد نفسج بس بالأخير قرر الصمت .. أدري هذا مو حل بس هالناس حتى لو تحقرينهم يضلون يقطون نقزات ويتحرشون .. ودهم إنج تردين عليهم وتنزلين حق مستواهم الواطي بالحوار .. وبصراحه أكثر هالنوعيه تلقينهم مقموتين بالبيت من رياييلهم إللي طول النهار لاهيين عنهم وأهما يطلعون حرتهم فينا .. كل إللي أقدر أقوله لج الله يبعدهم عنا ويبعدنا عنهم ويشغلهم بروحم ويشغلنا بطاعته