Thursday, January 09, 2014


I don`t know why I am writing this post , but I have the that feeling to share the experience that has shaped my identity . I don`t feel ashamed , No one should , because I understand that God has a plan for me & I know it is for the Good .
Accepting my Infritality came after I been through waves of anger , weakness and many breakdowns . The road of treatment is challenging and difficult, but no matter how hard was this experience , I wouldn't take my infertility back .

If I wasn’t diagnosed with unexplained infertility (this is my case now ) I will never be able to learn many valuable lessons about my character , this issue always dealt by self sympathy , shame and sorrow ,  but by accepting that this is my disease & learning to live with it every day of my life gave me the strength to confront these emotions , I gave myself the permission to rage and cry and then , took my first step in my new road of happiness and peace of mind .

J has the major role, this experience puts our marriage in the test, he was always there for me , supporting & showing his love .

I feel happy, proud and thankful, and yes, I talk about it openly : )


Anonymous said...

Dear...I had the same issue. I did some research and found the best doctor in the UK. He has the highest success rate.
I booked an appointment 2-3 months in advance and they did all the tests to see how and what i need. I underwent IVF and alhamdolelah i got lucky from the first time. I got pregnant in twins but lost one a long the way. But now i have a lovely healthy boy.
Don't give up. Im sure theres treatment out there for you. But you have to be tough because it can be hectic and draining. If you need some contacts let me know how i can help.

Anonymous said...

First of all i love how honest you are Marwa. Something ive always wondered is how you feel about adoption? Is it something you might do?

Anonymous said...

رحتي حق ماجده اليتامى!
ماكو شي ماله علاج وخصوصا لما المشكله من الحرمه مو الريال
ادري هذا الموضوع جدا حساس ولكن الاطفال جزء مهم من الاسره والزوج حتى لو تفهم الموضوع لاااازم بييله يوم ويفكر بسهولة اكتمال اسرته من زوجه اخرى
لا تستهينين بالموضوع
ودي اتكلم بتفاصيل اكثر بس مو قادره
ودي اسولف معاج عن تجربتي الشخصيه بالحمال وشلون كانت صعبه

Anonymous said...

Go see Dr. Nahedh in mowasat.. hes really good! A woman got pregnan after 18 failed IVFs.. alla yarzegch ya rab

Dudette said...

Trust me .. don't try too hard.. go with the flow and enjoy your time ... don't let peoples society talk let u down.