Thursday, January 09, 2014

Do I know him :(

I know j is busy these days, so I hope that he is not going to read this post, his Birthday is coming soon, so, I am looking for a special cake for him. I was wondering, what is his new obsession these days so I can design it according to that, to my surprise, I can`t recall anything!!
I wonder if I am missing something here, I am so selfish with my needs and life without paying attention to his?
So, as usual I called him and told him about my worries, he laughed, and calmed me down (yes, I am a big Drama queen)  that there is nothing to worry about.
Last year`s cake was about gym & body building, and this is the thing that he keeps doing till now!! So??

I still don`t know what to do  


Anonymous said...

Have a dumb bells cake (similar to this one: with the text "no pain, no gain" or something similar.

Anonymous said...

اممممم لبسه ماتغير !
رفيجه اللي يشتغل بهارفي نيكلز مادري شي له علاقه بالموضه ههههه