Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Life after Marriage post : I want to sleep

It is  the story of my life after marriage , J is snoring every night , I can`t remember when the last time he stopped , but it has been a long time since I post about him snoring :P

Now , he is back , I don`t know why , is it the weather or maybe he gained weight ??? Oh my God I can`t sleep , literary " I Don`t Sleep "

 but this is life after marriage , you have to share everything with your partner  , if u suffer from the same problem ,  here are steps that u can do to save your marriage :

loose weight , Get enough sleep , Lift the head of the bed a bit , Get a mouth guard ( didn`t try it )  , See a physician

personally I am against the idea of splitting beds , some women find it comfortable , in my case I can`t & J too will never approve it

So , how are u dealing with that ??

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