Sunday, December 01, 2013

my weekend

I know it is to late to ask you guys about your weekend , but I hope you enjoyed it . 

My weekend was amazing mashalah , I guess the weather has a big influence on my mood , anyway  starting from Thursday we had a beautiful barbecue night with the family to celebrate my nephew`s graduation & because he got accepted at Ali Alsabah Military College . 

The Barbecue was from Alsnono 

you should try it guys their food is really tasty 

and a beautiful cake from  Layers 

Usually on Friday , I have breakfast with my J , but that time I went out with our beautiful guests from Oman , it was my first time meeting the girls & I had and amazing time , I felt as if we know each other 

we had breakfast at  CoCoa Room 

one of my favorites places ,then we went to the avenues had lunch at Figs 

what makes me happy that mom loved it :) and she told me that she is going there again yeeeeey 

on Sat 

it was breakfast day with J at Gathering 

then a movie 

The Hunger Games 2  
I loved it soooo much , I was wondering should i start read the 3rd book or no ??? 

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