Sunday, December 08, 2013

Good morning ,

I know I am not posting that much  , mashalah I ma so busy at work which is something that I am enjoying so far .

I have many posts but I really don`t feel that I wanted some bloggers already post about  earlier

anyway remember my previous post ?? I was worried for a month , and I  was really scared to go check up ,I was scared because I don`t want to hurt j or my parents , I know this was wrong , I became the talkative person who didn't do what I keep telling others to do , I encouraged the ladies to do their annual breast cancer check ups , but I didn`t

so I decided to go yesterday & el7amdelah there was nothing to worry about , and all the discomfort I am feeling was because I am working out

another subject , mom started to talk again about the pregnancy issue , I am not ready to go back to the pain , tiredness and the busy mind of the treatments .

I reached a high level of peace of mind  & I will not let it slip away , sorry mom

I love her but I am not going to waste my life , time on something that I din`t know if it is going to happen or not

I am happy , and this is between us Me and J

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