Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A life after Marriage post : Be Real

Yesterday we attended an event , the launch of FK Sun glasses , we didn't stay long , J was kind of tired but it was really fun and we had a great time .

I posted a pic of us , we took it just after we had a short small argument :P When I started my blog , I wasn`t thinking about the future of it  or if it is going to be popular , what I did was to post , without revising my words without editing  & without the fear that someone will judge me  , yet , I `ve been  judged and told that I am pretending and living a fake life .

I am not going to explain , I did that many times before , I was just wondering how could some couples do it ??? And why when we see real couples acting naturally with each other we assume that they are living in a play , that when they go home , the real personalities will appear ??

I know that sometimes , some people had to be fake & to pretend their happiness , for the sake of their children or family , but who want to waste his life ?

Miserable - acting - happy action will never make you happy , they are living a lie . 

be real , don`t over show your happiness ,  don`t do it for the sake of others , just Be Real 

We argue , fight , sometimes I shout , j can be mad & scary too , this is us , this is me

I love it like that , I love Us & I love our arguments ,

I Love u  J 

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