Monday, November 04, 2013

We are special

I have a busy life , J`s too , but we have time to talk to each other Alhmdelah , to not have a TV in the bedroom was a great  idea , really We don`t need a tv in our most intimate place , enshalah in my house I will do the same  , no TV .

This gives us the chance to talk and stay all night talking , checking instagram  youtube and plan trips using the iPad “together “

I love talking to J , he is the only one  ,  who understand what I mean , what I really want to say . Yes my friends can listen to me , but no one will give me an honest opinion like j

He is my best friend , my God bless him

One of his advices to me , that to keep everything real , never live a life that`s not mine ,  and what is important is to never ever have the feeling that I am better than anyone else .

 J I told u this before & I will keep telling you , That without you , this blog will never be special , there will not be Newq8bride or A life after Marriage blog , I might be just like everybody , fashionsta wannabe or a life style blogger  or whatever that keeps popping up  every day in the blogging sphere .

U are special , that’s why I fall in love with you in the first place , you made my life special

U Made us Special


Anonymous said...

الله يخليكم حق بعض ولا يفرقكم

Umkhaloodie said...

He's a lucky man :p xxxx