Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Instagram & the death of Blogs


I`ve been reading many articles  & statistics for days , trying to know what`s going on all around the world regarding the future of blogging .

I couldn't find any data related to Kuwait but what makes me happy that Blogging will always remain there as a base to anyone who started to engage in social media using a blog . 

I will talk  about myself , I Love my Blog , as I mentioned many times before , my blog is my mini life .

I have to admit that microblogging is great , it gives bloggers the chance to share instantly , without having to upload , edit and all the things u do when u post in your blog  , but in the other hand ,  instagram has directed me to rethink about my content , when I used to post about something I found in a boutique that I liked , or the launched of new collection ,  I now instagram it .

Personally I use instagram to power up my blog , to point out about the new posts I can't feature in instagram because they are written posts  , also  if I attend  an event that I don't know if I want to blog about it or sometimes they are social events ,  Instagram will be enough .


Instagram hasn't create the death of blogs ,  but it causes us  to rethink about what and how to blog 
moreover ,  I never liked blog`s posts with pictures only , so instagram is the right platform for such posts .

There are thousands ways to engage in social media , you just have to find which platforms are best for you , so if u can`t handle a blog don`t do it   - although I feel that a blog is very important - see what goes well with u and concentrate .




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Salima said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D
I'm happy to have had met you in the awesome cyber blogging world. And yes, blogging will always has its own glory and we, bloggers, will always have something to say.