Sunday, November 24, 2013

From Newq8bride's book of Love : He is my best Friend

if any one asked me 7 years ago , who is your best friend,  
there will be a long list to choose from , but now , after spending all these years with my Man , I noticed that I am lucky to have him as my best friend , the secret to a happy relationship: being each others’ best friend. Love is not all about hugs and kisses , it is about loyalty and honesty you can find only in friendship 

Some people may disagree with me , but in my relationship , because we are friends we managed to face many struggles together , side by side . 

I have to mention that we don`t do everything together , I have my own life , he has his own , but we like to talk to each other about our lives , a thing that I will do with a friend ,  and I am doing it with him 

I don`t care , what others may say , but  I am happy with my  man , with my friend , I love how we sit on the floor , eating pizza while watching an action movie 

I love that  & trust me if u didn`t experience that kind of relationship with your spouse , I am sorry to tell that you  are wasting your life 

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