Monday, October 21, 2013


I don`t know what I am thinking off , But I was raised in  a house , the main rule there is to forgive ,  which i don`t agree with my parents on that , specially with ،Kuwaitis arrogance ,  who will think that saluting them , means dying for their remission  .

If i was with mom , and  only had a thought of  not greeting  that girl who hurt me or whatever , she will give a non-stop lecture about morals & behaviors  , at least because I respect her and to show the other person how well raised I am , I will at least say :Salam o bas

But really I can`t understand the rudeness of  some girls , & the one whom I had this situation with ,  is a mother !!! u should at least show some manners in front of your kids , I greeted her , not because she is worth it , because I was raised well & even if my mother was not with me that time , inside my heart I will respect Her and come on , your mother was with you ??? how can you behave like that ??


Anonymous said...

What hurts is that we will keep starting the greetings and get the same reaction. Anyway, at least we are confident enough to do it and our parents are sure proud of us ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well you are old yet you are not a mother s does it mean that u can be rude without manners of course not