Monday, October 07, 2013

I will google you :P

I can`t believe how silly we are ,  a new employee will join us in the PR , he is going to be "The Boss" once I heard the news , we were like , come on let`s Google him :P 

How important is Google in our lives ???? we couldn`t find anything about him , which is strange though :P 

No twitter , no instagram hmmmmm is he  using a  nick name ?? that`s scary 

ladies , if a guy proposed to you , will  you Google him or check his social media accounts ?? personally , I will do it , I really wanna know more about him & I want him to let me know that he is using social media networks 

so nothing about the "The Boss" we have to wait and see 

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Anonymous said...

طبعا اول شب خواتي سووه ...جوجل على اسم ريلي