Thursday, October 17, 2013


To be honest , I am scared , I know I should not let these negative thoughts to cross my mind , but I need to let go .

I am scared of getting old , I know I reached an age that I should face reality , girls younger than me started to do Botox and other anti-aging surgeries . I am denying that fact , also j keeps intruding when I started to talk about that issue , I guess he should face it too and understand that I really need to start do Botox , my problem that I can't do anything behind his back , maybe he will read the post & understand my point of view .

I lost 10kg but still I need more 5 to 7 to reach my goal , I am afraid that I got bored , from all the dieting and working out thing , and I noticed the difference :/ , but I am tired I don't mind to do anything to reach my target in an easy way .

What's wrong ? I don't know , maybe u will wake up with better thoughts

Good night

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Nawara said...

I Know I'm facing this problem, but dont do botox, try the mezo therapy.
its better and healthier.
allah bless you :)