Sunday, October 27, 2013

to start the morning with a depressing post not a good idea , but i really need to speak up ,

I don`t know what`s going on but I am gaining weight , nothing changed but I stopped some of the workout but I am still walking & dieting :(

I don`t know what to do but I hate that , I hate sticking on diet I am fed up

it is almost a years & I was almost going to reach my goal but I don`t know what happened

I feel that J dosn`t want to hear me complaining but I need to talk


Anonymous said...

if you stop some of your workout , you need to adjust your food as well ,, i know your are on a diet , but maybe the amount was set assuming that you are working out ..

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like having your own Personal Training; as it adds to your commitment. I'm not sure where where do you live, but I'm sure you can find a decent GYM to achieve that.

This is coming purely from my own experience...