Sunday, September 01, 2013

A life after Marriage post

I am very emotional these days , I may cry over everything , I visit dad & I feel I wanna cry , texting mom can make me cry , setting next to j watching tv & holding his hand can bring tears to my eyes .

I don't know why .

When I first got married , I loved J so much , now , I cant stop loving him more , everyday I feel that my love to him is not enough , I don't know what do but nothing can explain my feelings . I always feel guilty because I don't know what do to show him that .

Today he was talking to me about his fears , lots of things ,one of them that soon we are going to start building the house and he is worried , I feel that I couldn't support him enough ,

I will try my best j to be there for u , standing by your side and support u

I promise u

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Anonymous said...

Hey dear! Its ok to be scared.and its ok to be emotional. we women go through these phases.J knows how you support him with all you got! so don't worry about it! :)