Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Life After Marriage Post : A daily Kiss

“ We had a fight & he leaves the house , mad and angry “

We heard this a lot & it may happen to most of us , If your man really loves you , he will stay away from you while he is angry because he don`t want to do anything stupid . 

 But how can you  both ease  the situation ???

When we first got married , we both decided that a “ hello /good bye “ Kiss is something essential in our daily life .

Don`t ever leave the house without a good bye kiss  , even if your partner is sleeping , just give him /her a kiss and leave

Both of you will get used to it so even if you are in the middle of a row  & he decided to leave , once he kisses you  , instantly you will  be calm .

Try it & you will notice the difference , enrich your life with positive attitude , a daily  kiss can do no harm  .

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rencontrer Pauline said...

you are such adorable when post about love and marriage :) sounds so sweet thank you for simply beautiful suggestion