Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Life After Marriage Post : 7th Wedding Anniversary , how to survive :)

Thank you all for your kind words in instagram congratulating me  , wish you all a happy life full of love and passion . 

 I am blessed , Thanks God ,  do I ever love that guy more every single day ?? 

Since day 1 , married couples kept telling me how bored life will be after 2 or 3 or 4 years and all the sparks  of love will fade away !!
Come on guys ,  stop doing that to newly wed couples or even to your single friends !!  I know that most of you are laying and never tell the truth . 

I started my blog 7 years ago to show a real experience , I am not an expert & I believe that my marriage has its ups and downs . Alhamdullh , Thanks God after 7 years , which I don't know how fast these years has gone by , I still feel from the inside that I am still a “New Bride “ 

I was worried , are we going to end up  living in a bored , loveless life ?? Specially that we don`t have any children? 
 oh I have to mention that in Kuwait ,  people relate the successes of your marriage by how many individuals you are going to add to this universe ;) 

Truth to be told , after all these years , I feel more  attracted to him than I ever have before , more in love and more like a family  , we`ve always been a team and still we are ,  but Stronger . Thanks God 
Some people said that I was faking all that , that I am living in a “dream” and all my life was lie and I believed  it just to keep my blog going :P

So , here we are , I will show you  how my fake , happy life became a reality ;) 
It is not easy , you need to work hard for your marriage and we both did  . 
A few years ago , we both been through difficult situations , I was trying to get pregnant , then I noticed that it will not be easy for me to conceive , with daily treatments , painful injections , time wasted at hospitals , a one moth disappointment extended to be six months  , I was crying in the car , in bed , in the shower , I started to blame myself  , became angry at other people . I hated myself for the way I was acting . I even thought about getting a divorce .  

The only person who understands how to deal with me was J . He was supportive and always there , telling me that he didn’t  care  , that he is in love with me & I know deep inside that he wanted me to come back to him , the girl he loved and married . 
I woke up one day , looked at him sleeping next to me and I realized that I am blessed . I am not going to talk about my recovery in details , but according to my experience , Keeping “Allah” in the center of your life is the main reason  for all the happiness and peace of mind . 
I learned that couples grow closer and their bonds grow stronger through difficult times , this issue puts my marriage to the test , and my marriage pass that test with an A+ grade . Alhamdullah 

I am a happy successful “ New bride “  married to the most amazing man “ j” 
And yes , the hard times I`ve been through were real 

As well as 

My happy marriage 

Happy Anniversary my Love 


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 7 years dear! And allah iykhaleekum lba3ath inshala

Sarah said...

Lovely honest post. Happy Anniversary and many happy returns..