Friday, August 09, 2013

Thanks God , my sleeping pattern is getting much much better , today is the second day of Eid , I slept early last night , So I am awake and I feel so fresh & active .

We went out for our Friday breakfast thing that we used to do weekly , I bet everybody is out for breakfast this morning .

these days I am trying to get back to my working-out routines,  step by step , I have a goal & I should reach it at the end of this year enshalah .

so here I am I will start ,  but I really need to work out hard this time , I will look for a plan & I should stick for it

to be honest with you ,  I would like  to join a gym but I know myself that I might get lazy and never go , I am doing well working at home but I really need and expert trainer hmmm

let me see what to do & enshalah I will find a away

I have lots of things to do during the upcoming months , enshalah enshalah everything will be as I planned

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